2023 Pricing Guide



{Beth Cox Photography}


Family Session $250

Family pictures should be fun!  And that's exactly what I make them. I'll make sure you relax, have fun and act silly so that I can capture the connections and love within your family.  I promise if you will be yourself and let me do my thing we will make some magic! My approach to family sessions isn't traditional.  I'll start your session off by working for a few of those everyone is posed and looking at me shots, but I won't spend too much time on them because those pictures of mine that you're wanting, the ones you get all of the heart eyes over... those are taken when you're not focused on me, but rather on those amazing people you showed up to your session with! This session will last about 45 minutes to an hour, and our start time will depend on sunrise/sunset. I promise you it's worth it to wake up a little early or push back bedtimes for just one day! These sessions will typically yield 60 images.

Extended Family Sessions are a completely different ball game and pricing varies. They start at a base price of $300 for up to 6 people.

Mini sessions are only offered at certain times of the year.  Times vary.

Milestone Session $200

These sessions last up to 45 minutes and are the perfect amount of time for capturing special stages in your little peoples lives and just how much baby is growing!  For littles less than one year, these sessions are best when broken into actual milestones rather than by age.  Smiling, Sitting, Standing (all unassisted) and Walking. These sessions are for one child only and typically yield 40 images. 

If you'd like family images to be included, please book a family session. 


Newborn Lifestyle Session $250

An in home session that is very casual and low key.  You don't have to clean your entire house or live in a place that looks like it's going to be on the cover on HGTV magazine, I PROMISE. If you're worried about how 'messy' your house is, let me know and I'll send you some pictures of mine own to make you feel better! ;) The focus of this session is to capture the interactions and love surrounding your little bundle. I will do some images of just baby but they will be kept very classic and simple and I will not focus on props or posing.  This session can last up to an hour and a half and will typically yield 50 images.

Fresh 48 $200

These can be done any time during your hospital stay and are a great way to capture some of your first few memories with your baby.  They are done during the day and last about 45 minutes. I know everyone is super excited to meet and love on your little cupcake but I need room to move around and you need to be free of distractions so that your focus is completely on the baby and your immediate family. So just a heads up,  I won't do these sessions with a room full of people. This session will last about 45 minutes and will typically yield about 40 images.

Belly, Baby and Beyond packages available and are based upon what your specific needs are.  Please email me for more information!




Senior 90 $300 

I don't want to just take your senior pictures because let's be honest, anyone can do that! I want to hang out with you, get to know you and make some awesome memories of Senior Sessions that aren't like anyone else's.  Why should your senior pictures look like everyone else's at YOUR school?   Thanks but no thanks. You deserve more than that! The BCP Senior Experience includes a session lasting 90 minutes, multiple locations and clothing changes and an online gallery with up to 75 images! Let's mix it up with different locations and two or three different outfits that you LOVE! This is YOUR session and we're making it all about Y O U ! I promise to give you a session that will be tailored to you and be a true reflection of the person you are! And it will be F U N !! 

Senior 60 $250

This is just scaled down version of the Senior 90! This session is 60 minutes, one clothing change is permitted an a location change too, if you'd like! Your gallery will include up to 50 gorgeous images from your session!


Senior Mini Session $175

Are you more of a no frills, one and done type of person?  That's cool... this is for you! One senior.  One session.  One location. These sessions are 20 minutes long and deliver 20 incredible images in an online gallery.  They're still fun, unique and laid back they're just not the beefed up version. This still gets you more than enough crazy good senior pictures!

**Mini sessions are not offered in September, October or November**


Interested in more than one session during your senior year?  The Seasonal Senior Package is just what you're looking for!