I'm a creative, bring out your personality and capture it type of Senior Photographer. My Senior work is pretty awesome and if you're not hiring me, you're missing out! When it comes to families, I'm not an everyone pose just so, look at me and say cheese photographer. I'm more like a director, giving you prompts and gentle direction to induce special moments that showcase your love and connections with your family and then take candid shots of THAT type of Family photographer. I'm going to tell you a million times if I need to, that you don't need to be looking at me, you need to be looking at your perfectly imperfect family! If you're one of those camera shy types, I'm also going to practically beg you to be in some of the pictures with your family.  They love you.  Just exactly as you are.You don't have to be the focus of the pictures, you can be more of a prop... but you need to be in the pictures, even if it's just a little bit! I'm also going to tell you that even though your littles' bed time is 8pm, you need to push everything back so we can shoot the hour prior to sunset when the light is the most flattering and down right amazing!

I was raised and still live in Clinton, Indiana. Besides photography, I love my handsome hubby and son and my gorgeous daughter.  I love the beach and going on cruises. I love sleeping in and pretty much any carb! I'm also a lover of meeting new people... and I'd love to meet you and your family! If you're looking for a Senior or Family Photographer in the Terre Haute area, please contact me!